Sunday, March 22, 2009


This country is absolutely beautiful. I've never seen such lush green in my life. We saw some gorgeous sites during the drive from Honduras to Guatemala.

Our journey from the U.S. to Guatemala went smoothly. I got a little nervous when Bryan told us he needed some hydrocortisone cream to give to the police officer at the Honduras/Guatemala border to get us across, but it all worked out. He stopped at a pineapple stand on our way to his home and he bought us all some fresh pineapple to try. It was absolutely delicious - right off the tree!

Bryan's home is amazing. It overlooks a beautiful river. The girls' dorm is on the second floor and the guys' is on the third. On the first floor is the emergency room that Bryan operates out of, so if any emergencies happen in the middle of the night, we'll be right here to help. This will be our home base for the week.

We had a relaxing night to recover from the long day of travel and prepare for the work ahead. We shared a dinner of Guatemalan style tacos, which consisted of a hard tortilla, lettuce, and a mixture of chicken and I'm not sure what. You could top it with ranch sauce, mayo, and/or home made salsa, which is nothing like salsa in the states. It was good! For dessert we had frozen bananas (grown in Bryan's back yard) dipped in chocolate/peanut butter sauce. Bryan said he got a great deal on peanut butter a few months ago from the states...LOL.

After dinner Marlini, the nurse who works and lives at the home base, took me, Kristin, Ryan, and Pat to the town in Rio Dulce to pick up some groceries. Marlini told us it was her first time driving. I think she was joking. But seriously, all the people down here drive like they're drunk and I haven't seen a seat belt yet!

To top the night off, when we returned Matt awed and disgusted us all by eating a live scorpion. Pat captured it on video. I'll try to post it tomorrow but I'm wiped for now and it is going to be an early morning! We can't wait to get into the villages and meet the people.

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