Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coming together.

It's pretty darn cool to see how each of us on this team work together. Seriously, we've got the perfect mixture of personalities and skills - strengths and weaknesses - going on here. Every necessity has been covered without us even consciously trying! Some of us a born leaders and some of us are the git-er-done-ers. No stone has been left unturned. Pretty cool if you ask me.

After two days of hard work, Bryan took us to one of the villages that he has been seeing and teaching for a while now. Their health has improved greatly since he first started visiting them. There were more people going through the line that didn't even need vitamins, whereas everyone we saw in the last two villages needed them. The people were also more accustomed to seeing Americans and they were therefore more open with us. There was still a language barrier, but they joked with us and laughed when we started goofing around (this happens to be a well-shared gift on our team, haha).

Ryan provided great entertainment while he was trying to fix one of our tarp ropes that kept coming undone in the wind. Every time he fixed the rope onto the nail and then went to tie it onto the stake, the rope would slip off the nail and a group of villagers near by would start giggling. The more he tried, the quicker it came undone and the louder the group would laugh!

During a lull in the line for skin treatment and worm medication, Kristin and I started playing a clapping game and tried to get a group of young boys to join us. I would clap a rhythm and Kristin would echo me. The boys didn't seem to want to join in, but after they went around the corner we could hear them immitating us. Kristin went to find el bano later on and the same group of boys were playing the game together on the other side of the hill.

I really enjoyed playing with the children today. Some of the toddlers and babies cry when they go through our line because they don't like having the worm medication squirted in their mouths with a syringe. I had a great time trying to get these kiddos to stop crying. I carried around Alana's "jungle peep" in my pocket and made it dance and peep for them. I was wearing a bright scrub top and my huge goofy purple sunglasses and I think the combination of that and seeing this big American lady bouncing around made them forget why they were crying in the first place. It worked like a charm and pretty much made my day.

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