Friday, June 12, 2009

The list.

For easy reference, this list will always show to the left of my blog.

101 things to do in 1001 days - beginning 6/12/09

*Completed tasks will look like this.*
1. Watch the sun set on a quiet beach.
2. Watch the sun rise on a quiet beach.
3. Send a message in a bottle.
4. Get fries on the OOB pier.
5. Read all of the LOTR books (finally). (0/4)
6. Read four Jane Austen novels - Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Emma. (0/4)
7. Watch all movies on the AFI 100 list. (0/100)
8. Learn to knit and knit ten scarves. (0/10)
9. Knit one afghan/blanket.
10. Mail a secret to PostSecret.
11. Listen to 101 new (to me) albums. (0/101)
12. Get the Daigle family crest tattooed on my back.
13. Settle on a design and get my foot tattoo.
14. Go to 101 live music performancese, any genre. (0/101)
15. Learn ten line/party dances, any genre.
16. Have two songs and two monologues prepared.
17. Go to the drive-in four times. (0/4)
18. Organize a water balloon fight.
19. Go to a comedy show.
20. Ride in a hot air balloon.
21. Host a themed potluck dinner.
22. Ten fruit-picking trips. (0/10)
23. Take a ride on the train in North Conway.
24. At least 15 visits to NH to see J. (0/15)
25. At least 15 visits to MA to see my grandparents. (0/15)
26. See a Blue Man Group performance.
27. See a Broadway show...on Broadway.
28. Find ten letterboxes. (0/10)
29. Go on 35 official dates with my husband! (0/35)
30. Go on eight different camping trips. (0/8)
31. Visit and explore Acadia National Park.
32. Visit my family in Canada.
33. Set a date for a trip to Guatemala.
34. Build a team to go to Guatemala.
35. Organize eight group fundraisers for the Guatemala trip.
36. Attend Alex's birthday parties. (0/2)
37. Go on vacation with J to the west coast.
38. Attend two Sea Dogs games. (0/2)
39. Attend two Pirates games. (0/2)
40. Visit and explore Gisland Farms.
41. Go to the Yarmouth Clam Festival.
42. Hike Douglas Mountain.
43. Visit the Victoria Mansion at Christmas time.
44. Explore Fort Williams more.
45. Visit the Portland Museum of Art.
46. Go to the Fryeburg Fair both years. (0/2)
47. Complete the Rosetta Stone in Spanish.
48. Complete the Rosetta Stone in Italian.
49. Learn 50 songs on guitar. (0/50)
50. Get a local library card.
51. Acquire a copy of Oxford's New Concise World Atlas.
52. Watch "An Inconvenient Truth".
53. Watch "The Commanding Heights of the Economy".
54. Read "Fast Food Nation".
55. Graduate from college and find a teaching job!
56. Make and send a care package to a soldier.
57. Mail 50 hand written notes to family members or friends, excluding Christmas cards. (0/50)
58. Sing in a nursing home 10 times. (0/10)
59. Complete 101 anonymous acts of kindness. (0/101)
60. Give blood six times. (0/6)
61. Write at least 25 songs. (1/25)
62. Record 1 song and upload it on myspace or youtube.
63. Bake 35 pies, decorated cakes, or fancy cookies. (0/35)
64. Make 10 handmade gifts for people I care about. (0/10)
65. Go to a "paint your own pottery" place and make something cool.
66. Write a children's book.
67. Make sock puppets.
68. Host a tea party for my daughter and her friends.
69. Take my daughter to a kid-friendly musical.
70. Take my daughter to The Butterfly Place.
71. Take my daughter to FunTown.
72. Visit the Children's Museum in Portland.
73. Take my daughter to see The Nutcracker.
74. Enroll my daughter in a dance class.
75. Enroll my daughter in a gymnastics class.
76. Help my daughter fully potty train (with the exception of night time pull-ups) by September 1, 2009.
77. Write 10 letters for my daughter to read when she gets older and place them in the safe deposit box.
78. Put all of my digital pictures on the passport and place it in the safe deposit box.
79. Put serial numbers, makes, and models of all my instruments and electronic equipment on the passport and place it in the safe deposit box.
80. Write down my "after death wishes" and place them in the safe deposit box.
81. Decorate our daughter's bedroom.
82. Decorate our bedroom.
83. Have nice pictures taken of mommy, daddy, and our little girl together.
84. Plant a tulip garden.
85. Plant blueberries and strawberries in the back yard.
86. Plant lilacs in the yard.
87. Read my Bible every day.
88. Boycott fast food for one month.
89. Create a healthier habit of going to bed by 10pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends.
90. Lose 10 pounds.
91. Lose another 10 pounds.
92. Lose another 10 pounds.
93. Lose another 10 pounds.
94. Lose another 10 pounds.
95. Lose another 10 pounds.
96. Lose another 10 pounds.
97. Lose another 10 pounds.
98. Lose another 10 pounds.
99. Lose another 10 pounds.
100. Go lacto-ovo vegetarian.
101. Obtain my lifeguard certification again.

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